Day: 08/31/2008


shipping 1.Red Rose 轮不能修理受到的损坏. MV Red Rose cannot repair damage.
2.Red Rose 轮处在危急状况中. MV Red Rose in critical condition.
3.Red Rose 轮将抛弃货物以脱浅. MV Red Rose will jettison cargo to refloat.
4.Red Rose 轮需要拖轮协助. MV Red Rose requires tug assistance.
5.Red Rose 轮只能慢速航进. MV Red Rose can only proceed at slow speed.
6.按规定,只能由一名驾驶员分配食物和饮用水.Provisions and drinking water will be distributed by an officer only as per the regulations.
7.保持镇静,没有理由恐慌,救生艇员完全知道应该怎样做.Keep calm.There is no reason to panic.The lifeboatmen know exactly what to do.
8.被我船救起的人员是永乐轮的船员.The person picked up by my ship is crew of MV Utopia.
9.不管天气如何,穿戴好保暖\长袖衬衫\结实的鞋和帽子,不要穿高跟鞋.Put on warm clothing,long-sleeved shirts,strong shoes and head covering whatecer the weather.No high-heeled shoes.
10.不能抛弃IMO危险品货物.Do not jettison IMO-Class cargo.

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