Day: 08/13/2008


1. 活该! serves you(him,her) right!   = you deserve (he/she deserves it.)

e.g   you failed the test? serves you right for not studying!

2. 活该! you had it coming!
a: i gained weight!
b: well, you had it coming, because you’ve been eating so much without exercising.

3. 胡闹 that’s monkey business!
e.g. a: stop fooling around! that’s monkey business! 别再混日子了!你根本在胡闹嘛!
注:本句也可把monkey当成动词说成“stop monkeying around!”

3.请便! help yourself.
do as you please. (表示不需准许而可取东西,就是请客人自在点,不必太拘束。)

4.哪有? what do you mean? not at all!
注:如果只说“what do you mean?”那是不带任何用意的问句,只是想问清楚对方的意思;但是它也可用于挑衅及威胁,代表不满对方表达的意见。若加上“not at all”,表示你在否认对方表达的意思。

5.才怪! yeah,right!
as if!
e.g. a: today’s test was very easy.
b: yeah, right!
a:he thinks he can socialize with us! as if! 他自认可以跟我们交往! 才怪!
注:“yeah,right”常用于讽刺性的回答。“as if”大多是10到17岁女孩的用语。

6.加油! go for it!e.g.   a: go for it! you can do it!
注:这是鼓励他人的话,也就是“give it a good try.”“try your best.”。

7.够了! enough!
stop it!
注:也可以加强语气说“enough is enough!”。要是对方正在fooling around(无所事事),你会骂他“enough of this foolishness!”(混够了吧!)

8.放心! i got your back.
e.g. a: don’t worry, man. i got your back.
注:这句原本来自“i’m covering you from behind”(我在后面掩护你),是打仗

9.爱现! showoff!
e.g.   a: he’s been doing that all day. what a showoff!
注:showoff是名词,也可作动词,如:she likes to show off her toys. 或he is always showing off his strength.

10.讨厌! so annoying!
e.g.   a: stop that! you are so annoying! 够了!你真讨厌!
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