shipping 1.Red Rose 轮不能修理受到的损坏. MV Red Rose cannot repair damage.
2.Red Rose 轮处在危急状况中. MV Red Rose in critical condition.
3.Red Rose 轮将抛弃货物以脱浅. MV Red Rose will jettison cargo to refloat.
4.Red Rose 轮需要拖轮协助. MV Red Rose requires tug assistance.
5.Red Rose 轮只能慢速航进. MV Red Rose can only proceed at slow speed.
6.按规定,只能由一名驾驶员分配食物和饮用水.Provisions and drinking water will be distributed by an officer only as per the regulations.
7.保持镇静,没有理由恐慌,救生艇员完全知道应该怎样做.Keep calm.There is no reason to panic.The lifeboatmen know exactly what to do.
8.被我船救起的人员是永乐轮的船员.The person picked up by my ship is crew of MV Utopia.
9.不管天气如何,穿戴好保暖\长袖衬衫\结实的鞋和帽子,不要穿高跟鞋.Put on warm clothing,long-sleeved shirts,strong shoes and head covering whatecer the weather.No high-heeled shoes.
10.不能抛弃IMO危险品货物.Do not jettison IMO-Class cargo.

11.不要返回房间取你的物品.Do not return to your cabin to collect your property.
12.不要进入救生筏,进入救生筏的命令将由驾驶台或驾驶员发出.Do not enter the liferafts.The order to enter the liferafts will be given from the bridge or by the officers.
13.不要让儿童攀登或坐在船舶的栏杆上.Never let children climb or sit on the ship’s rails.
14.不要忘记个人证件和眼睛,如果需要带上药片.Do not forget personal documents,your spectacles and medicine if necessary.
15.船舶不得在分道通航制区域内抛锚.No vessels shall anchor in a traffic separation schemes.
16.船舶应尽可能避免在分道通航制区域内或其端部附近抛锚.a vessel shall so far as practicablc avoid anchoring in a traffic separation scheme or in areas near its terminations.
17.从停车到启动需要多长时间?How long does it take to start engine from stopped?
18.带好你的救生衣和毛毯.你将在床下找到你的救生衣.Take your lifejacket and a blanket.you will find your lifejacket under your bed.
19.当发出7短声1长声的全船紧急警报时,所有的旅客必须到你们的集合点.When the general emergency alarm is sounded,which consists of seven short blasts and one prolonged blast,all passengers have to go to their assembly station.
20.带好你的救生衣和毛毯,救生衣存放在房间内你们的床下和集合处.Take your lifejacket and a blanket with you.lifejackets are stored in your cabins under your beds and at your assembly stations.
21.建议你上船后试穿救生衣.You are encouraged to try on your lifejacke when entering the lifeboat.
22.当叫到你的名字时,请大声回答"到".When your name is called out,please answer loudly "here".
23.当进入救生筏后应立即保持入口畅通,坐在救生筏内.Clear the entranc of the liferaft immediately after entering.Sit down in the liferaft immediately.
24.当进入救生艇时不要相互推挤,应立即坐在艇内.Do not push each other when entering the lifeboat.Sit down in the lifeboat immediately.
25.当你听到连续不断的1长声和1短声的弃船警报时,请采取与全船紧急报警相同的行动.When you hear the abandon ship alarm,which consists of one prolonged and one short blast repeated continuously,please act in the same manner as under the general emergency alarm.
all wheel orders given should be repeated by the helmsman and the officer of the watch should ensure that they are carried out correctly and immediately.all wheel orders should be held until countermanded.
27.儿童必须始终受到照看.children must be kept under permanent obervation.
28.飞机将在 1930UTC到达遇难船处,以协助搜寻.aircraft ETA at the vessel in distress is 1930 utc to assist in search.
29.附近的船只已经得知我们的情况.vessels in the vicinity have already been informed of our situation.
30.搁浅后red rose轮正在下沉.mv red rose is sinking after grounding.
31.海上救助协调中心已经得知我们的情况.the maritime resuce co-ordination center have already been informed of our situation.
32.火势是否得到控制.is the fire under control.
33.火势未能得到控制,我需要co2灭火器.fire is not under control,and i require co2 extinguishers.
34.机舱失火,我轮需要泡末灭火器.fire is in engine-room,and i require foam extinguishers.
35.机舱有人监控还是由驾驶台控制?is engine-room manned or is engine on bridge control?
36.集装箱内装有多种杂货,应用专门的吊车装上或卸下装箱船.there are many kinds of cargoes loaded in the container,which should be loaded on or discharged from the ship with special crane.
37.简介穿着要求及至集合点需携带的物品.briefing on how to dress and what to take to assembly stations.
38.what noice is required to reduce from full sea speed to manoeuvring speed?将海上全速转至操纵速度需多长时间通知?
39将救生衣套过你的头,将带子收紧,将带子绕在腰部并在前面打结.pull the lifejacket over your head-tighen the strings well-pull the strings around your waist and tie in front.
40.change radar to relative head-up.将雷达换成首向上相对显示.
41.将首尾撇缆备妥.have heaving lines ready forward and aft.
42.make fast aft tug alongside on the port side将拖船系在左舷.
43.救援船预计在1930utc到达事故地点.ETA of rescue ship at distress position is 1930 utc.
44.rescue craft are coming to our rescue and the crew members are requested to escort helpless passengers.救助船正来救助我们,请船员保护孤弱的旅客.
45.no dangerous targets on radar.雷达上没有危险物标.
46,雷达有盲区吗?has radar any blind sectors?
47.the dunnage board between two ties of cargoes will not only prevent the movement of the lower tie of cargo,but also distribute evenly the load of the upper tie of cargo onto the surface of the lower tie.两层货物之间的衬垫板可以防止下层货物的移动,可以使上层货物的重量均匀地分布在下层货面上.
48.螺旋桨的侧推效应很强吗?is turning effect of propeller very strong?
49.condition of persons picked up is bad,maybe already died.落水人员的情况不好,可能已经死亡.
50.没有援救red rose轮能继续航行.MV Red Rose can proceed without assistance.
51………….育龙轮……………………..Yu-Long ………………………………………..
follow closely the demonstration given by the officer or crew .the crew members will help you if necessary.
53.每一个人将得到同样配额的食物和水。everybody will get the same ration of providions and water.
54.你处的天气情况怎么样?what is the weather situation in your position?
55.你船是单车还是双车?do you have single propeller or twin propellers?
56.你法国dsc遇险警报吗?did you transmit a dsc distress alert?是的,我发过dsc警报.我将放下3救生艇,载有12人。i will launch 3
lifeboats with 12 persons.
57.你可从救生艇员处得到晕船药。you can obtain medicine for seasickness from the lifeboatman.
you may leave your children under qualified care in the children’s playroom/on the playdeck on main deck from 0900 to 1700 hours.
59.你们将从集合点被护送到你们的救生筏。from your assembly stations you will be escorted to your liferafts.
60.你有自动舵吗?do you have automatic pilot?
61.碰撞以后,应请验船师确认船舶的受损程度。after the accident of collision it is necessary to use a marine surveyor to verify
the extent of the damage she has suffered.
62.请船员注意,救生筏内的纪律是性命攸关的。crew members are kindly advised that discipline in the liferaft is of vital importance.
63.请你船在进口灯标235度,距离2。5海里处附近协助搜寻。you are to assist with search in vicinity of position bearing235`distance
2.5’off entrance light.
64.任何情况下都不要饮用海水。do not drink sea water whatever the situation.
if you sea anybody fall overboard, act as follows:call out "man overboard".throw lifebuoys overboard.keep your eyes on the person in the water.
show or tell an officer or crew the person’s position in the water,or telephone the bridge immediately.
66.如果你同房间的人没能来点名,请立即通知驾驶员/船员。if one of your cabinmates is not able to attend the roll call,please
inform the officer/crew immediately.
67.如果你有安全方面的任何问题,请毫不犹豫地询问任一位船舶驾驶员或船员。if you have any questions regarding safety,do not
hesitate to ask any of the officers or crew.
when the position is related to a mark,the mark shall be a well-defined charted object.the bearing shall be in the 360 degrees
notation from true north and shall be that of the position FROM the mark.
69.三副应简介穿着要求及至集合点需携带的物品。3/o shall briefing on how to dress and what to take to assembly stations.
70.深吃水船舶应特别注意位于航道中或航道附近的浅滩上的最新深度。deep-draft vessels should take particular note of the latest
depth over shoals lying in or near the fairway.
when latitude and longitude are used,these shall be wxpressed in degrees and minutes(and decimals of a minute if necessaty),north or south of the Equator and east or west of
72.首尾倒缆单绑。single up springs fore and aft.
73.受伤人数为12。number of injured persons:12,but i will not abandon vessel.
74.所人员应严格遵守驾驶员的指示。all persons shall strictly obey all instructions given by the officer.
75.所有舱口已由甲板水手封妥。all hatches have been battened down by deck hands.
76.所有船员,保持镇静,没有理由恐慌,救生艇员完全知道应该怎么样做。all crew members,please keep calm.there is no reason to panic.the lifeboatmen know exactly what to do.
77.所有船员应认真学习自己房间内的示意图。every seamen shall carefully study the demonstration in the pictures in your cabins.
78.所有的旅客必须穿戴保暖衣服、长裤、长袖衬衣或茄克杉、结实的鞋和帽子。all passengers must put on warm clothing,long trousers , long-sleeved shirts or jackets,strong shoes and head covering.
79.所有的旅客应立即带好自己的救生衣和毛毯前往你们的休息室。all passengers with their lifejackets and blankers are requested to go to the lounge immediately.
80.所有的人员请安静,儿童需要休息,病人需要躺下的地方。everyone,please,be quiet.the children need rest and the sick need room to lie down.
81.所有人员请靠紧,老人需要躺下的地方。all persons,please move closer and the elderly need room to lie down.
82.听到舵令时,舵工应复述,并将船稳定地操至该航向上。on receipt of an order to steer,for example,1820,the helmsman should repeat it and bring the vessel round steadily to the course ordered.
83.当船稳定在该航向上时,起应大声报告。when the vessel is steady on the course ordered,the helmsman is to call out .
84.停时的冲程和旋回横距是多大?what is advance and transfer distance in crash-stop?
85.通知船员将水泵出,让救生筏从水中浮起。crew ate informed to pump out the water to free the liferaft from water.
86.未经标注的礁石的位置在进口灯标235度,距离2。5海里。warning.uncbarted rocks in position bearing 235`distance 2.5′ off entrance light.
87.我不能继续搜寻,必须返回出发地。i cannot continue search and have to return to starting point.
88.我不能控制进水。i cannot control flooding.
89.我不能派出潜水员。i cannot send divers.
90.我不能确定哪部分搁浅。i cannot establish which part is aground.
91.我处风向ENE,蒲氏风力10级。wind ENE force Bcaufort 10 in my position.
92.我处能见度差,中浪狂涌,涌向ENE,流12节,流向ENE。in my position,visibility is poor,rough swa heavy swell ENE, current 12 knots,to ENE.
93.我处在危机状况中,进水未得到控制。i am in critical condition.flooding is not under contorl.
94.我船船舱正在进水,但不需要帮助。i am flooding in the engine room but i do not require assistance.
95.我船刚收到来自岸上的信文,救援已在来我船途中,救援将在约3小时内到达。we have just recerved amessage from shore that
assistance is on the way,assistance should arrive within approximately 3 hours.
96.我船刚收到来自他船的信文,救援已在来我船途中,救援将在约3小时内到达。we have just recerved amessage from other vessels that
assistance is on the way,assistance should arrive within approximately 3 hours.
97.我船货舱失火,危险货物有爆炸的危险。i am on fire in holds and the dangerous cargo has dange of explosion.
98.我船机舱失火,需要氧气面罩和泡末灭火器等消防设备。my engine-room is on fire,and requires breathing apparatus,fire extinguishers,etc,to fight the fire.
99.我船甲板失火,但危险货物没危险。my deck is on fire, but dangerous goods are not affected.
100.我船上的每个人都有足够的救生设备。there are enough life-saving appliances for everyone on board my ship.
101.我船上有25人,没有人员受伤。number of persons on board my ship is 25 no person injured.
102.我船失控,因起居处所失火。i am not under command ,because my accommodation is on fire.
103.我船水线下正在进水,需要帮助。i am flooding below water line and require assistance.
104.我船水线下正在进水。i am is flooding below water line.
105.我船危险货物失火并有爆炸的危险。my dangerous goods are on fire and there is danger of explosion.
106.我船危险货物失火但火势得到控制。my dangerous goods are on fire,but the fire is under control.
107.我船由于严重损坏,在进口灯标235度,距离2。5海里弃船。my vessel was abandoned bearing 235`distance 2.5’off entrance light due to serious damage.
108.我船有足够的可供48小时的食物和饮用水。there are enough provisions and drinking water for 48 hours on board my ship.
109.我船与飞机保持无线电联系,但飞机需3小时才能到达我们这里。we have radio contact with aircraft,which will reach us in 3 hours.
110.我船与救助船(或飞机)保持无线电联系。we have radio contact with rescue craft.
111.我船预计八月五号离香港。wy ETD from Hong Kong is Aug.5 .
112.我船预计3小时内到达事故地点。wy ETA at distress position is within 3 hours.
113.我船在爆炸之后失火,失火处所为上层建筑。i am on fire after explosion.fire is in superstructure.
114.我船在水线以上有损坏。i have damage above water line。
182.在极地冰区中,破冰船利用起尾部的特殊凹槽与被拖船船首相连的拖带方法。a method of towing vessels through polar ice by means of icebreaking tugs with
a special stern notch suited to receive and bow of the vessel to be towed.
183.在紧急情况下,火箭信号和闪光信号可用来发出遇险信号,并可用来确认这类信号。in distress,rockets and fares can be used as distress signals as wsll as the identification of these accidents.
195.(航海日志)工人和驳船到达并开始卸各舱货物。gangs and barges arrived and commenced to discharge cgoes fm all hatches.
196.(航海日志)试验舵机,车钟及汽笛,核对电罗经和船钟,一切良好。rudders,telegraphs and sirens tested ok,checked G-compass and ship’s clock,all fine.
197.航海日志)左舷通过2号入口浮筒,引航员离船。船长引领出海。passed no.2 entrance buoy on port,plt left,proceeded at Capt’s order.
198.你必须另外安放一个引航员梯。you must rig another pilot ladder.
199.舷梯与引航员梯合装。rig the accommodation ladder in combination with the pilot ladder.
200.向ENE转向,引航艇不能驶清大船。alter course to ENE-the pilot boat cannot clear the vessel.