Day: 09/10/2008


1. 通知对方完成装船

We are glad to inform you that the goods you ordered in September have been shipped by M/S “Pacific” due to leave Shanghai port on December 10.

We have made a special effort to complete your order in time and trust the fine quality of our goods will give you full satisfaction.

2. 通知对方订货已完成,正等待装船

You request us to inform you when your order No. 250 is ready for shipment.

We are pleased to advise you that your order is completed and awaiting shipping at our plant.

3. 通知对方货物已装船

We confirm dispatch of your order per M/S America, and give the packing arrangements to facilitate at your end.

We trust the consignment arrives in good order and gives you complete satisfaction.

4. 通知对方根据指示以空运运送,并附寄提单

We acknowledge receipt of your confirmation that your consignment should be sent by airfreight, and have accordingly forwarded the goods.

We trust that the consignment arrives safely.

We have enclosed the air waybill in this letter.

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